California School Tour - Planing stages


If you follow me on Facebook ( then you saw my post about bringing my new music to schools in California. If not, then here goes!


I am planning a small school tour up the coast of California this fall. I am still in planning mode as I figure out how to fund this without bringing in a corporate sponsor, which can be a tad inappropriate for a school tour… (picture the banner- Bacardi presents: Genevieve! - just kidding)


As I work with PTA members and community organizers, I am zeroing in on what will work, and it seems best to come to the school free of charge and work out a merchandise order-form type of communication with parents, to order my educational album at a rate that I will share with the school itself. So, if a permission slip or order form goes home to the parents, and explains who I am and what I will be teaching, they can order a CD at say, $10, $4 of which will go right back to the school. 


I am still brainstorming and am open to any feedback you may have! Thanks a million for joining me on my journey!


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