About Me

Hello, friends, my name is Genevieve Goings. I have been dedicated to entertaining children and families for over 10 years. From my 8-year running music video show "Choo Choo Soul" on Disney Junior, to voiceovers for Leapfrog, George Lucas Co, Hello Kitty & Disney Princess, to performing on stage across the country, my unique brand of "Preschool-cool" has been enjoyed by many children over the years. 


Kids are growing up faster and faster each day. It can be scary when we really realize that those little fingers are faster on the iPhones and laptops than ours are! My job is to create pure, quality content for them that still attracts the thrill seeking, pop-culture loving "big kids" that want music that sounds like what big brother and sister are listening to (but is appropriate for their age group!)


My style has been born from a musical family, budding in my own roots in the San Francisco Bay Area Hip-Hop/R&B scene and blossoming in the voiceover and video game community of the Silicon Valley. I have recorded on over 65 albums of adult music, and written and produced over 100 songs for children with Disney English, Disney Junior, Fisher-Price and now my own Independent Release. I was just named the new host of Radio Disney Junior (yay!) and continue to tour and share the gift of live entertainment with families across the globe. I am so honored that you are joining me on this fantastic musical journey! Visit my website for more info!