...So Glad You Are Here

Hello! How lovely of you to stop by!!! 


This is my online store, where I can bring you what the digital stores cannot: actual hard-copy product! 

My years with Disney have been so amazing in that I have released two wonderful albums (Choo Choo Soul, & Choo Choo Soul:Disney Favorites) and been on-air for over 8 years! The exposure is likely what brought you to me here. Now I am on a new journey. A simultaneous journey, as I am still and will always be the "Choo Choo Girl!" But this new independent journey has been a bit of a learning curve as I navigate how to distribute my product. I love technology and  the fact that I can speak to you right here, just like this. So, enough talking…. let's get you a CD! It's time to boogie down while learning some important stuff. It's going to be fun! …Do You Know?